Chicago Footwork and Manchester Bass at Shook!

We're bringing Chicago Footwork legend RP Boo to Kremwerk this Friday (08/17) as well as Manchester bass don Chimpo for Shook! our new series aimed at bringing forward-thinking Bass music of all kinds from across the world to our beloved Seattle basement. Shook! is about delving into the roots and exploring the outer edges of dancefloor oriented  music from Dancehall to Dubstep, Jungle, Grime, and beyond.

The launch party featured wide-ranging UK Drum n' Bass duo Ivy Lab, along with Seattle's own Homemade Weapons who has been a fixture of the acclaimed Samurai label for some time. Shook! is an opportunity to bring light to the diverse talents of Seattle, be they producers or selectors, and feature them alongside some of the most creative and hard-hitting Bass peddlers in the world.


We had the chance to catch up with Manc maestro Chimpo before he brings the heat to Kremwerk alongside RP Boo this Friday, to chat about the resurgence of Grime, Manchester, and mushrooms...

How is the Manchester scene these days?

Best it's ever been in my time. The amount of young talent coming out is insane. There’s loads of us working together and it’s proper fun.

How has the recent popularity of grime - especially in the US - been treating you?

Dunno I still get mostly DnB based bookings out here at the moment but when I play grime people are defo receptive. Back home grime’s defo become hugely popular last few years. Last year at Boomtown I did a grime set with Spooky, Spyro, Killa P and Frisco, we played to 20,000 people. That was pretty mental.

What do you typically start with when you're putting a track together?

Just an idea. Whether it's a riff, beat, sample, I always try start with something a bit different or weird. Then the job from there is making it understandable or just making it work.

So what's next?

Dropping a single with DRS, Slay and RagoLoco at the end of the month. Then got a load more to follow. Will probably drop a compilation on the Box'n'Lock label later in the year. Then when I’ve got a bit of time I’m gonna take loads of mushrooms and make an album.


Friday is going to be a wild one in the basement, get your tickets here.

by Zachary Croft