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Rebel BASS "A Bounty Hunter Masquerade Ball"

We have located the Rebel BASSment and are issuing the coordinates to all the mercenaries and bounty hunters across the galaxy near and far far away... It's time to get dark and dirty with an event for the darker side of the force. We have sent bounty out on an all star list of west coast veterans as well as some of the most exciting up and coming dj's to perform together under one roof. This evening pays respect to every one on the bill by incorporating some of the biggest and baddest to some of the soon to be greats. More importantly, a long and overdue reunion of Master Wesley Holmes, Master Terry Jacinto with support from FouFoo, Zacharia, Kobalt Severa, Naturalkind, James Sorrell & Dj HeyMan. 

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away we have transformed this event into a costume masquerade ball and dressing up is heavily encouraged. Whether you come supporting the dark side or light side, either way, you are welcome to express your allegiance and will not be frozen in carbonite by doing so, only praised and heavily supported for your participation.

There will be a raffle prize give away of an incredible Star Wars sculpture created by local legend and native wood carver Jacob Lucas. You will need to see this in person!! Good luck entry participants, this will be the centerpiece to your Star Wars collection at home for all your friends and family to enjoy! 

Thank you for joining in the festivities and look forward to all of the scumbags, villains, mercenaries, rebel's, Jedi Masters and Sith Lords grooving to a darker side of house music on the dance floor. May the Bass be with you.

Event info-

“Located the Rebel BASSment” 
A Bounty Hunter Masquerade Ball
Star Wars themed Halloween costume party

Date & Time:
Friday October 7th 8pm to 4am

Location Coordinates:
Kremwerk -
1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA 98101

If you're looking for a bite to eat before you go out or something to top off your night, we highly recommend Little Maria's Pizza, our next-door neighbor.

Free parking can be found in the streets surrounding Kremwerk. Additionally, there is a paid parking lot across the street.

Presale $15.00, Door price $20.00
Costume discount -$5.00 at the door. 

Brown Paper -

“Bounty Hunter Masquerade Ball”
In honor of all Hallows eve approaching, we are throwing a Star Wars Bounty Hunter Masquerade Ball. Come dressed as what you consider to be intergalactic bounty hunter attire or the likes of any of your favorite characters from the star wars universe from all corners of the galaxy far, far, away. This event does emphasize a darker dirtier taste for the darker side of The Force, but we don’t discriminate and welcome Jedi’s and Sith lords alike. Just be prepared to leave feeling a little darker and maybe use a little space sage to smudge your armor when you get back to the shuttle in the early morning. 

Our Jedi Masters, Sith Lords and Bounty Hunters that will be taking us on an intergalactic journey for the evening are:

Wesley Holmes – 
Wesley Holmes has been an influential and integral figure in the Pacific Northwest for the past 20 + years and was amongst a core group that pioneered the house music scene in Seattle. His endless list of weeklies, monthlies, special events, residencies, and behind the scenes efforts helped provide a foundation for the thriving dance scene that transpires in Seattle.
His character and reputation have been shaped by his resiliency; focus on musical quality, and revered abilities behind the decks. As a result he continues to earn the respect and ears of new supporters while maintaining a loyal following in the Northwest.

Sunday Nights @ Rebar for Flammable w/ Brian Lyons
Thursday Nights @ Q Nightclub for Studio 4/4
First Friday Monthly @ The Woods :::
Can be seen @ Monkey Loft, Q Capitol Hill, Train Car House Party

Link to a mix:

Terry Jasinto – 
Originally from Seattle, now residing in San Diego. Terry was most active as a DJ from 1996 until 2006. His most infamous residencies where at after-hours events in Seattle such as his 4 year Sunday residency at Habana's, SuperHighway, and the 'Usual Suspects' at Contour. Terry has been featured with some of the most famous DJs/producers of our time ranging from progressive giants such as Deep Dish, Talla 2XLC, and Sandra Collins, to the most notable house music names such as Doc Martin, Gene Ferris, and Felix Da Housecat, displaying Terry's range, adaptable style of programming, and music selection.

Swirl Underground/Extended Play San Diego

Link to a mix:

FooFou –
Fouad Masoud aka. FooFou began his DJ career in Seattle back in December of 2012. What started out as a bedroom hobby quickly became a passion. He’s always loved sharing music with friends and family, DJing was the next natural evolution.
In a short time he became one of Seattle’s favorite new DJs with a focus on House & Techno. His track selection, tailored sets and endless search for the next great and unreleased music set him apart. He holds residencies at some of Seattle’s top Nightclubs but can also be found doing what he loves at smaller underground venues. In January 2015 he began promoting and booking his own night PRIMARY at Kremwerk.
If you had to use one word to describe FooFou’s sound, it would be “Sexy”. His sets will always have some blend of sultry vocals, melody and groovy rhythms that will inspire you to move.

Q Nightclub (Studio 4/4)
Foundation Nightclub
Decibel Festival 2015
USC Events - Freaknight 2014 (Carl Cox & Friends Stage)
USC Events - Lucky 2014

Link to a mix:

Zacharia – 
Zacharia has been a driving force within Seattle's electronic music scene since starting the drum and bass collective, 360bpm, in 1996. After being submerged in drum and bass for 12 years, Zacharia broke out into new realms of electronic music, focusing primarily on techno and what him and his production/DJ partners coin DeepNBass; the deeper side of electronic music without bpm or structure restrictions. A master at working the dance floor from frenzies to tears, Zacharia encompasses the full spectrum of emotions; thus creating a memorable musical journey. Tonight Zacharia will be delivering one of his eclectic dark and dirty 4/4 sets, so it is incredible special to have him bring this vibe to the dance floor! Thank you DeepNBass for loaning out brother Zacharia! 

Affiliations: DeepNBass, 360bpm

Link to a mix:

Kobalt Severa – 
Kobalt Severa has been bringing his unique style of Underground and Deep House, Electro and Industrial beats to Seattle, since 2011. Playing such events as 2181, eyeBeam, Dick Slap, Soft Option, Rapture, Hussler, ComeBack, Crisp and Seattle Pride Fest. Kobalt is the resident DJ for Cocky, at Seattle Eagle. Kobalt likes to throw down the creamy sounds and get your ear holes all wet.

Affiliations: Cocky @ The Eagle

Link to a mix:

Naturalkind – 
There is a tremendous amount to be said about the quality of superb mixing technics, a sharp selection of taste and a solid gold story from front to back. Naturalkind will elevate the dance floor and help you on your journey to the next level. This is an artist to put on your radar immediately if you have not already.

Link to a mix:

James Sorrell – 
Although new to the scene, James is a seasoned dj and has played House music, Techno and Drum & Bass for over twenty years. Collecting vinyl from every corner of the globe has become an obsession for James and he is proud to house a collection pressing well over 16 thousand pieces. James spends his time field recording, working in sound design, audio production and live sound as well as maintaining a formal and social events company To Infinity Productions LLC. With a drive like his, you can find him working multiple events throughout the greater Pacific Northwest all week long doing everything from photography, videography, lighting and visuals as well as audio engineering and mixing live sound for artists. Dj’ing dance music has been a selfish past time for decades and you can guarantee he has finally let the cat out the bag! 

Affiliations: To Infinity Productions

Link to a mix:

Dj Heyman AKA Beck Pelegrini –
I have been spinning vinyl and dancing to music since I was 18 years old. First and foremost I love to dance however I could not just listen, watch and dance. I decided to learn how to spin vinyl. I have been apart of the Seattle dance community going on now 23 years. I may not be a huge factor over my 23 years in the dance community however I never gave up on my passion to dance and play music.
As for the moment some of my good friends and I are reintroducing ourselves to the dance music community. We are bringing a new type of events not in the city or at the usual bar/club spots. Why are we choosing to do this? Because I believe the Seattle area particularly is seeing new growth and change happening. I believe CLKWRK records is helping build a new trend that a space can and should be utilized and not always in the normal setting. 
I am helping build our label CLKWRK RECORDS with scouting out new talent and also showcasing them for our events. I have an ear for what I believe and see the future Electronic music is heading. 

Link to a mix:

Raffle entry - 
$5.00 raffle entry to win a special carving created by one of the Pacific Northwest’s biggest and baddest wood carvers. Jacob will be creating a contribution to add to the evening’s décor of a life size Han Solo in Frozen carbonite. This is to be displayed behind our Dj Booth all night and at the end of the evening, we will draw one lucky winner that will take home this unique and one of a kind sculpture to be displayed in their own home for all to admire and enjoy. Good luck participants! And thank you so much Jacob. Your work is incredible and inspiring to all. Go Hawks!

Jacob Lucas – Carver

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