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Shelita Potroast's Moist

Are you moist?

Join Shelita Potroast as she celebrates turning 30 surrounded by some of her favorite performers! It is going to be a night filled with comedy and camp! 

Get silly! Get tacky! Get campy! Get weird! It is a night to come dressed in something just stupid and campy! There are no rules! Have fun! Life isn't that serious and 2016 sucked so lets have a night to laugh at the end of the year!

Be sure to stick around after the show, because at 11:58PM Shelita Potroast will be taking the stage for her final time in her 20s and end her number in her 30's. 

Performances from:
DonnaTella Howe
Butch Alice
Hellen Tragedy
Fraya Love
Londyn Bradshaw
Urina L'dor

DJ for the night:
Old Witch

$10 cover

8PM Door
9PM Show