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Research ft. Bambounou

Research goes to France for its headliner this month. Parisian producer/DJ Bambounou (Jéremy Guindo-Zegiestowski) records for the vaunted 50Weapons label, and his odd takes on house and techno go wonderfully against the grain of the smooth orthodoxy of those genres’ multitudes. Rhythmically and texturally, Bambounou’s productions sound off the goddamn grid, rugged, organically crunchy, and as psychedelic as a jungle. His tracks bristle with rarely heard, exotic timbres, and it’s very welcome. DJs Biome (Louise Croff Blake) and Fugal (Ted Shin) stand as two of Seattle’s finest purveyors of deep minimal techno that makes you forget what time it is—or indeed, what time is.
— Dave Segal (The Stranger)

Adventurous Dance Music at Kremwerk
"Come experience the body-moving groove of Parisian artist whom adventurously combines “African rhythm grooves, Detroit House, dubstep, UK funky and Drexciyan techno."

Special Guest...
BAMBOUNOU (Seattle Debut!) [Paris // 50WeaponsCLEKCLEKBOOM]
Bambounou crafts a sound that is all his own, emphatically blurring the lines between techno, house and bass. With releases on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons, Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic and Parisian club label ClekClekBoom (Resident Advisor Label of the month) and support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Eric Cloutier, Dusky, Rrose and Huxley, Bambounou has established himself as a stand-out across genres.

Local Support...
Fugal [secondnature]

Biome [TUF]



Research // Adventurous Dance Music at Kremwerk
Previous guests include Mike Huckaby, Joey Anderson, Hodge*, Gunnar Haslam*, Olin*, Person of Interest*, J. Albert*, Jayda G*, D. Tiffany* + Bobby Draino* + Friendly Chemist* (1080p), 1800HaightStreet*, Raica, Fugal, R-Pal, Aos, Simic, Jacob London, PLL, DJ Zai and Hiberner.
*Seattle Debut

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Presented by Kremwerk