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Boots&Pants005 ft. KAFKA, wndfrm, R-Pal

Boots&Pants and Kremwerk bring you a night of live atmospheric techno:

KAFKA [LIVE] [Vancouver]
RYC / Concrete / SubSpec / Body Politic

Vancouver-based electronic musician, DJ, and promoter KAFKA has been writing and producing under various aliases since the early 1990’s, with KAFKA taking shape in late 2013. Since then he has become a key player in Vancouver’s underground techno community. Both his live and DJ sets are focused on the larger conceptual journey, often slow to draw you in, offering listeners an expansive soundtrack that explore the darker depths of techno and experimental electronic music. In addition to many headlining spots in Vancouver, Calgary, and Seattle, KAFKA was also a showcase artist at the 2015 DAT Festival in Missoula, Montana, as well as British Columbia’s renowned Bass Coast Festival. He has performed opening sets for prominent techno and experimental electronic artists including Subjected, Blind Observatory, Regis, Silent Servant, Kangding Ray, Erika, Deepchild, and Vancouver’s own The Automatic Message. On record, KAFKA has released on Berlin’s acclaimed Reclaim Your City Label, Rome’s Concrete Records, Vancouver’s own SubSpec Records, as well as his own online label, Body Politic Recordings.

wndfrm [LIVE] [Portland]
Prologue / Truth or Consequences

Somewhere between the motile crawl of tonal ambience and the inexorable riot-march of detroit techno, wndfrm represents vast planetary landscapes, the micro-cosmos of aural particulate, and an intense desire to fuse the abstract with the concrete.

R-Pal [DJ] [Seattle]
technodad / TUF