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HAVEN : A Fundraiser for SCS & INGERSOLL Gender Center

Haven : A Fundraiser for Seattle Counseling Service & Ingersoll Gender Center presented by Maison de la Bête.

Featured performances focusing on mental health, wellness, and celebration of gender diversity.

Performances by: 
Ursula Major, Eva Androgyny, Briq House, Dani Tirrell, Butylene O'Kipple, Brooks Corbeaux, Kara Sutra, Verbal Oasis, The Lady B, Cherry Sur Bete, & Miss Kitty Baby. 

Featured Artist: 
John Criscitello

Raffles, prizes + more! 
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10PM after Cucci's Critter Barn
Kremwerk 21+
1809 Minor Ave #10
Seattle, WA 98101

Kremwerk is a queer-centric space, the following actions or display of behavior will not be tolerated: bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism - as well as the disrespect of the rules of consent which include, but are not limited to: respecting everyone's personal space, heavy intoxication does not allow for proper consent, an indirect yes is a no.