Research ft. Bobby Draino, Elle Stary, Canaan

Research || Adventurous Dance Music at Kremwerk

A summer excursion into non-4/4 grooves, liquid rhythms and dubby sounds.


Bobby Draino [Smoked out Drum & Bass Set!] (B.C.)

Elle Stary (B.C.)


1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA

Research // Adventurous Dance Music at Kremwerk
Previous guests include Mike Huckaby, Bambounou*, Joey Anderson, Hodge*, Gunnar Haslam*, Olin*, Person of Interest*, J. Albert*, Jayda G*, D. Tiffany* + Bobby Draino* + Friendly Chemist* (1080p), 1800HaightStreet*, Raica, Fugal, R-Pal, Aos, Simic, Jacob London, PLL, DJ Zai, Hiberner & more!
*Seattle Debut

Thank you for supporting underground dance music in Seattle. Please invite your friends to this event if you're down with the cause!



10 PM - 4 AM
Presented by Kremwerk