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Amplify Love Fundraiser

DOORS 6PM - SHOW 7PM - $5 COVER - 21+

As we all know, on Sunday, June 12th 2016 one of the most beautiful progressive communities in the United States was assaulted upon. Amplify Love is a collective response of light to darkness. 

The objective of this tour is to bring immense color, love, and light to spaces where the Orlando shooter tried to take it away - The clubs, the sanctuary for many where they can feel safe and free.

Amplify Love will feature live vocal performances, drag performers and DJs from a wide variety of backgrounds, who all have gathered simply out of the hope to bring smiles to the faces of those who have been affected, the community and its allies.

Amplify Love also has opened the doors to be a place of representation for all who have endured strife this year - We are allies of those who have been judged for their race and for their religion. Though histories and fights are different, and certainly no single hashtag can compare and equalize them, love is a common thread between them all. A call for love. And together, we can Amplify it. 


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