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Dusted with Syra St. James

Get ready for a fierce, entertaining, and glamorous show as Kremwerk brings you the debut of 'Dusted' with Syra St. James and all her friends!

Syra wants to make sure the eyes of Seattle have a variety of show-stopping, jaw dropping, eye creaming talent from all over Seattle! 
And for her debut show she will be bringing you:

1) All the way from Everett by way or Dallas, Tx- Shay Fox, whom is also the show hostess for Dames of Deception at Bar Myx and commands presents in any room she enters!
2) From the deep southern boulders of Tacoma- Roxy Renee Ross, who just earned the show hostess spot for Roxy's Cake Batter in Bremerton! This Queen knows how to turn the party for every occasion and she promised to give y'all children a show! 
3) a local favorite at Kremwerk- come see Cannoli/Salvador! Always a diva in her element or a stud looking to make hearts melt, this dynamic entertainer knows how to impress both men AND women!
4) lastly but in now way leastly, the last friend Syra wants to introduce is- Mongrel Annie! Who's dark and quirky styles are to be unmatched by any and loved by all! 
And of course, Ms. Syra St. James herself! Who has been working none-stop to bring you a name of elegance and fierceness in the same mouthful!

Showtime starts at 7, so be sure to arrive early for a good spot to observe, as setting and standing space is limited!
$8 cover charge, unless you're an entertainer, then coming in face saves you a few extra dollars and your cover fee is $5!