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Dungeons & Drag Queens Returns: An All-New Comedy Adventure

Hey! Look! The Dungeons & Drag Queens are back!

Four fabulous queens embark once again on a comedy quest beyond your wildest fantasies! Coming on the high heels of last month's sold-out show, the adventurers return to slay or be slayed in an all-new Halloween quest. Join them on a haunting journey full of fabulous frights, tricky traps, and at least one spoop.

Stick around for a raffle prize giveaway, courtesy of geek social club Verne & Wells and hobby shop Games & Gizmos!

If you’re into role-play, henny, roll the dice and join us for the show that serves death drops, death saves, and drink specials to die for!

Date: Wednesday October 25
Door: 7pm
Show: 7:30
Arrive early for seating!
Geeky drink specials all night long!

The Adventurers:
πŸ—‘οΈ Harlotte O'Scara
πŸ‘  Butylene O'Kipple
πŸ›‘ Arson Nicki
πŸ’„ Fraya Love
🎲 Matt Baume as the Dungeon Master
πŸ“€ DJ Robosex Homosex in the booth
🎨 Poster & promo: Brendan Mack