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Total Eclipse of the Arp ft. Tonebox, Shades-Triangle & More

Kick your Halloween weekend into overdrive!
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An ‘80s synthwave dance party and retro-future fashion contest.


🎹 Tonebox (SEA Debut!) [NewRetroWave, SF] 🎹
Music for outer space. Future Synth Soundtrack Electro. From heavy hitting beats to intricate and sublime dark synths compositions, Tonebox is a true master of delivering coherent solid tracks with extreme headnodic vibes. 

🎹 Shades-Triangle ðŸŽ¹
In the middle of a converging force of social movements, two musicians were birthed shining future rays down from their spaceship as they spoke of the upcoming doom if we didn't break the cycle. Armed with fat synthesizers and robot drum machines, they interfaced into all the ears of those that would listen. Their message was simple: "Be cool to each other and then max and relax."

️🎧 CUFF LYNX (DJ Set) ️🎧

️🎧 Dav of the Dead (All Vinyl Set) ️🎧


1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA
$10 ADV/ $15


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Kremwerk strives to be a safe space. The following actions or display of behavior will not be tolerated: bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, as well as the disrespect of the rules of consent. Our staff is here to support you. 

Kremwerk is currently not an ADA accessible space. Club entry is through a flight of 12 metal stairs, with two small steps leading into the main part of the club. We have 2 restrooms with a total of 3 stalls and 1 urinal, all gender neutral. If you would like access to single stall restrooms, please don't hesitate to ask our door & security to allow entry upstairs into Timbre Room, which has 2 single-stall gender-neutral restrooms. 

For any questions about safety & accessibility, please email