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Guayaba, Nordra & Lilac


✨ Timbre Room Presents: Guayaba, Nordra & Lilac ✨





Timbre Room
1809 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA
December 14th
9PM - 2AM
21+ // $7

Combo tix for Kremwerk available at the door.


From KEXP: "Every person contains multitudes, but few embrace them as much as Northwest rapper and vocalist Guayaba. As an artist, she’s fronted metal acts, made experimental pop ballads, raps, etc. But this idea extends beyond how she executes her vision. Digging through her lyrics in her latest album, Black Trash/White House, she embraces her race, gender, sexuality, and every facet of herself that makes her who she is with an unshakable, bilingual flow. We chatted with Guayaba to dig deeper into her musical roots and unpack her diverse influences."

From ATTN: Magazine: "Seattle’s Nordra is constantly transforming. Throbbing electronics collapse into dismally prophetic horns; into voice under digital stutter; into sludge guitar unmoored from percussive drive. These mutations are not just the product of mastery – Monika Khot has an incredible knack for extracting serenity from catastrophe, or resolution from ambiguity, or intimacy from the void – but also of urgency: there’s a sense that Nordra is forever slipping beyond the clutches of stagnation and irrelevance, adapting to fit circumstance and emotional utility, remaining viscerally engaged with the present tense at all times."

From Seattle Weekly: "'Dreamy' is easily the first word that comes to mind when listening to Lilac’s music. Truly, it’s not hard to imagine that her songs were forged in some otherworldly subconscious realm. Using a sampler and a Casio XW-P1 synthesizer, Madeline Franks crafts electronic music like magic spells, her satiny vocals unfolding as mesmerizingly as fresh taffy being pulled."

Later Event: December 15
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