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HouseQuake: Pride! ft. Spaceotter, MrLinden, & James Sorrell

Get your pride weekend kicked off proper! We move HouseQuake up to the Timbre room and patio for an all night house party! $13 at the door, $8 (+fees) in advance.

Spaceotter [Conception, Now Serving, SCOHM]
Live at Soft Option Mix:
Lifelong musician turned DJ in 2007, focusing on house, techno and various electronic dance music. Jayson is no stranger to Seattle’s underground music scene! He can be found playing all across the city, and also co-hosting the NOW SERVING radio show, along with Almond Brown. Spaceotter's style is eclectic, well thought out, and he has the ability to take listeners through borderless space and time with his sound. His mission is to give “love and music”, and we’d say he’s pretty damn successful! Not to mention, this man has a heart of gold, AND one of the best fucking beards in the emerald city! 

James Sorrell [To Infinity Productions]
Stank Face Mix: 
I was born an audiophile and have always been listening. When I was a papoose my safety blanket was a pair of old headphones and a gain knob within reach during nap times and still is after over four decades today. There's nothing more comforting than sub sonic bass frequencies and a bouncing mid range sprinkled with a melodic high end to soothe any and every emotion. When it comes to music and audio in general, it has a way of carrying us off and elevating our spirits every single time we close our eyes and just listen. Tribal rhythm and drums is where it all started for me growing up as a local northwest native american. My tribal roots run deep and I incorporate my heritage into every set I play by layering in ethnomusic percussion, in a sense grounding my sound back to where it all began for me as a child. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of trippy weird spacey sounds and that's probably why I love techno so much as well, but every chance I get, I am going to create a soundscape that takes you on an emotional and spiritual journey. I play music in hopes to make an immediate connection with my listener and help them to find ways to make a deeper connection within themselves. Music is my weapon against all of the chaos and animosity in this world that we live in. I hope to only elevate you while you give me your ears.

Mr. Linden [HouseQuake, SCOHM]
Always Real Mix:
Mr. Linden moved to Seattle from Anchorage in 1998, saw Carl Cox 2 months later in 1999 and knew he made the right choice. He had pretty good luck for someone just ghosting though the Seattle DJ community; Played at ETG, Sole repair, a short residency at The Living Room, playing at the SAM Sculpture park for one of the REMIX nights several years on a makeshift Pride Float... It wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to take it a little more seriously and pursue his passion of making people dance with more gusto. Now Mr.Linden plays music appropriate for the moment, always looking to get people on the dance floor and keep 'em there using a blend of brand new and classic tracks. He created HouseQuake to raise funds for Quake Rugby and get to know and play music with some of Seattle's best DJs. 

About Seattle Quake Rugby: 
The Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club is a non-profit corporation and a gay organization that actively seeks out traditionally under-represented members in our community and encourages them to explore the sport of Rugby Union in a non-threatening and empowering environment. As such The Seattle Quake maintains a developmental rugby program that fosters a love for the sport of rugby regardless of athletic ability. Through positive competitive engagement in our surrounding communities, we hope to directly challenge stereotypes and bigotry in what has historically been the uncommon ground of rugby. Further, we actively participate and are in solidarity with other organizations that share our common goals of mutual understanding and respect for all members of the community.