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Customs Kremfest Showcase ft. Throwing Snow & Vektroid

Throwing Snow
London based migrant Ross Tones makes music under the ever so pertinent moniker Throwing Snow. Drawing influences from a vast array of genres encompassing dubstep, UK funky, house and post-rock, his productions have a consistent comforting warmth and glistening coldness.

The wildly prolific Vektroid/Macintosh Plus/Prism Corp/情報デスクVIRTUAL has singlehandedly revolutionized music in the internet age. From the sample meditations of vaporwave to the high-flying static of her more recent releases, Vektroid's exploratory spirit continues to operate on a musical level miles above anyone else.

NSO b2b rlynow

Collective of friends worldwide not content to let good music and art fall through the cracks of the music industry. 

Locally grown but internationally focused, we have the tools and experience to help build, organize, and make things happen worldwide. Artists first, everything else is noise..

Part of Kremfest: Sept 21st - 24th
Kremwerk + Timbre Room Seattle