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MOTOR - Golden Donna, QoQo Roboqs, Patternmaster, Aos

MOTOR showcases the return of not one but two of our favorite humans to Seattle. Golden Donna's previous MOTOR appearances have left us reeling and we haven't featured an appearance of founding MOTORist Patternmaster in over two years! Not to mention the MOTOR debut of Qoqo Roboqs and the return of Aos! HOLY SHIT! This is a cant miss weekend show.

Live sets:

Golden Donna [Yugen Records]

Qoqo Roboqs

Patternmaster [MOTOR]

Host DJ:
Aos [secondnature, TUF, Blankstairs]

21+ |||||| $10

MOTOR is a group of live performers, DJs, and promoters focused on psychedelic dance forms. 

MOTOR is a safe space for ALL.