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Family Night Returns!

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Ohhhh Heeeyyyy!!
Soma, Uhboobie, Heady Works, Fraktured, & Compund Records, as a Family, bring you back FAMILY NIGHT!
**OPEN DECKS 9-10** 

We have all come together as a family to put some momentum into this wonderful community! Family Night will be multi genre, art and performer based and free expression for all. Family Night will strive to bring you workshops to hone your skills of arts, music, community, and general communication with one another. Each Night will have featured artists of all kinds, newer unknown artists we have in the community, as well as old favorites. This first Family Night will (of course) be FREE and consist of 2 rooms, full of Hip Hop complete with live MC's, Drum n Bass, Funky andTechy 4's and even a little trance. 😛 We are excited to unite all the corners of our inner circles and truly help this Family Grow!

Featured Artist!
***Andy Art***
Art is a vision of the souls journey through past, present and future experiences. I want to provide my art for the sake of projecting pure positive enlightenment, and hope all over the world, uniting and connecting with people in such a way that it transforms our experience into a happier, healthier state of consciousness.
Psychedelic, transformative, geometric, visionary, illusive, symbolic, flowing, colorful and organic are just a few of the things that inspire my experience as an artist. Purity of nature and patterns explode my sensory of self and bold visuals will come into mind

Featured Crafter and Vendor
**Sabi Designs**
The name Sabi comes from the Japanese Zen Buddhist term "Wabi-sabi" which is described as an understanding of the beauty of imperfection and impermanence of nature. Alan Watts described Sabi as the peace, calmness and understanding brought by spending time in solitude with nature, and bringing that inner peace where ever in the world you may travel.
We make malas, wrist malas, bracelets & necklaces using mostly Rudraksha seeds & wooden beads from India. Creating becomes a form of meditation for us and we try to put pure intention in to each bead that is strung

4's N Floors (KremWerk)
9-10pm Open Decks
10-11:15--- Kidder---
11:15-12:30--- Idoru
12:30-2 EVA

Dizzles N Bizzles (Timbre Room)
Hosts all night-- James Propane E@5e95
10-11:15--- Hyphonetics ---
11:15-12:30 ---Paul Wheeler (Birthday Set)

Message or send your mix/examples of your stuffs to Jaboobie Waketub Connelly, Michael Kannall, Dot Diggler, Rian Jones, or Laticha Hooper to become a resident DJ, or if you want to paint, show off your crafts, perform, be on the team, or even just have some input to share!

21+ W/ I.D
Open Decks 9-10pm first come first serve

Earlier Event: January 15
Family Meal: Harlotte's Bday Bonanza!
Later Event: January 19
Tiny Vipers, Norm Chambers & Pink Void