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DREAM ~ prinsess ~ dogsister ~ slowfoam

Radiant Oakland, Californians--

💠ⅅℛℰᎯℳ--sparkle-coated drone~~Cheryl dips into glistening REM cycles, occasionally coming back up for breaths of waking life to share sonic messages of love and unknown

💠prinsess--Joanna's pure-moving, genre-morphing, texture-based project on topics of religion, mysticism, death, depression and love

with locals--

🔹dogsister--radical softly Lauren Moore beckons the embrace of each human and creature, the embrace of vulnerability, the embrace of all facets of life--even discomfort. Her thoughtful compilations will weave us back together again.


🔹slowfoam--a sonic carver finding strength through vulnerability, Madelyn embraces the dark and uncomfortable parts of life as a catalyst for growth and beauty

$10 (notaflof)