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Family Night!

Hello hello hello!
I hope some people actually read this, cuz we got a lot to say! We have an extra beefed up FREE show this month, and we're excited to start broadening our horizons. This was supposed to be a weekly event, but I promise you, we're getting close! Until then, we gotta settle with what we got. That being said, this is a night that is actually giving us the jitters. We have fam from all over on this one. We have three wonderful, well versed (non-music) artists, who are all masters of their trade in some way or another, and Family Night is honored to host them. In addition, we have a very special, and relevant workshop, about harm reduction and crisis response, hosted by Momma Tea (9pm SHARP!). AND THE MUSIC! Holy mother of earth, we are excited! We have the beloved Board of Deacons (Riz Rollins, Almond Brown, Joey Webb, Devlin Jenkins) coming to rock a 2.5 hr set of absolute epicness, and Boaconstructor, the Gameboy Producer! Yes, he will be playing on his Gameboy.... Our support doesn't fall far behind these amazing artists. Dunjin from Onset, Kendoll in her last few weeks here, and old time friend DJ IDK. We will have open decks downstairs at 9pm per usual! First come first serve. Check below for information about everyone, and what our workshop will be! I hope to see you all at 9pm, so we can start making this community a safer place!

Workshop Name: Halp! :Harm Reduction and Crisis Response

Bio=Tea Lopez has been working in the drug policy reform/harm reduction community for a decade, and at events for 20 years. She is the founder of Starfl33t Harm Reduction, who provides physical, mental, and spiritual first-aid services at events. 

Workshop description. Have you ever been at a festival or party with a friend or loved one who is having a hard time and not known how to help? You will learn fundamental techniques for dealing with this kind of situation including methodology introduced by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Also discussed are basic harm reduction principles for events: self care, awareness, how to ask for help, and aftercare for intense experiences. Following Tea's presentation, we will have a questioning, answering, and sharing time.

Brion Kuebler
A life-long rock-hound, began studying lapidary five years ago as part of his pursuit toward gaining some understanding of life and existence. While the art of cutting and polishing gemstones is a broad church of knowledge, what fascinates him is the weaving together of the elements to bring beauty into the world. The meditative experience of taking something from the rough, endowing it with balance and symmetry, giving to it a proper form, and revealing the hidden patterns in each stone, is reflective of his own hope to develop a whole relationship with nature. Among his other interests are flowers, mushrooms, qigong, rope juggling, trippy music and occult science.

Lauren Olson, also known as TechnoPrincess, took her ten plus years of painting experience and combined it with her love of costumes and fasion to create Habihats. They are hand painted with miniature 3D objects in perspective, which creates an eye catching effect that surprises and amazes all ages. Habihats by TechnoPrincess resulted frorm a desire to entertain and embellish. Making people feel good is the goal. Making peope look good is a bonus. ❤

Ora Designs
Some people are just natural born designers, including Ora Designs' founding artist Calyn Kuefner, who has has a lifetime of astouding design intuition finessed through over 25 years of experience beginning with creating wedding headdresses in SLC and floral design. This blossomed her carreer as a freelance artist doing fiber art, complex face painting, photo styling, assemblage , upcycle art , teaching jewelry making, and a plethora of installations for large (or "a range of") events.
In 2016, Calyn incorporated her artistic ingenuity with her passion for crystals and animals, and began making Crystal kitty ear (and other animal) headbands, clips, and a variety of gorgeous
crystal based ensemblages to enrapture one's spirit with the animal and crystal energy of their choosing. Ora has expanded to include beatiful pendulum ear rings as well as divine chain
harnesses and cuffs. Stepping into the world adorned with Calyn's designs not only feels and looks amazing, but the interactions drawn are rapturous as well.

9-10 Open Decks
10-1130 Dunjin
1130-2 Board of Deacons

Timbre Room
9-10 HALP! W/ Tea
10-1115 DJ IDJ
1115-1230 KENDOLL
1230-2 Boaconstructor

21+ W/ ID
Love Always!