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Dungeons and Drag Queens Get Wet


Land ho! The queens have returned for their fourth live show, in an all-new role-playing adventure beyond your wildest fantasies. And this time, the show's moving downstairs for more seating and more space!

Join the queens as they plunge into a maritime mystery on a ship full of perilous puzzles, luscious lip-syncs, and more seamen than they've ever faced before. By the time they're done cruising, there won't be a dry seat in the house.

If you’re into role-play, henny, roll the dice and join us for the show that serves death drops, death saves, and drink specials to die for!

Come in costume for a chance to change the fate of the queens!

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Your Adventurers:

πŸ—‘οΈ Harlotte O'Scara - The Rogue
πŸ‘  Butylene O'Kipple - The Alchemist
πŸ›‘ Arson Nicki - The Warlock
πŸ’„ Louis Wicke - The Cleric
🎲 Matt Baume as The Dungeon Master
🐢 Put Bolt as The Dice Pup
🎨 Poster & promo: Brendan Mack

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