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Research ft. KZA [Japan]

Recording for the excellent techno/house label Mule Musiq and its Endless Flight subsidiary, Japanese producer KZA (aka Ikuzumi Kitazawa) creates smooth, highly musical house music with residual disco traits. His tracks can ooze a classy warmth or exude an icy, quasi-Chris & Cosey-esque electro quality. No matter which style he’s plying, KZA applies a light touch to his productions; a sense of poise and calm prevail over urgency and banging beats. Such subtlety allows a set to accrue sonic and rhythmic intricacies and lessens the chance of fatigue and overstimulation. KZA’s approach translates into some grown-ass-clubbing gold.
— The Stranger

Timbre Room Presents...

[Japan / Force of Nature, Mule Musiq]


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SOUND: Danley Sound Labs
Courtesy of Human Sound Systems

Timbre Room
1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA


Kza is one half of a DJ/production team Force of Nature, and pursues their own individualistic style in underground dance music with a strong affection to the sampling/ vinyl culture. He has been producing quality music with a truly "natural" approach. Not only have they released three albums "The Forces of Nature," "II," and "III" in the past, he has contributed in producing and remixing both Japanese and international acts, and has took part in various projects including an animation film soundtrack "Samurai Champloo." As a DJ by trade, he plays frequently in Tokyo, travels around not only Japan but to Europe and the United States to rock the crowd day and night with his broad collection of tasteful vinyls hunted and dug out on a daily basis over many years. Lately, he has been active not only as Force of Nature but also on his own, and has released a solo debut full-length "D.A.E." in 2009 on Mule Musiq's sub label Endless Flight. His latest production, a single "Le Troublant Acid," came out in December 2010. Furthermore in 2010, he founded his own imprint called Let's Get Lost, and his own work was just released on it in April 2012. He released his latest album,『D.A.E. 2』in 2014 and has been touring in North America every year since 2015.

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