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Research ft. Moritz Von Oswald [Basic Channel]

Join us for a special edition of Research, featuring the Seattle debut of one of the most influential figures in the history of techno...

Moritz Von Oswald
[Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound / GER]



[Further Records]

Kid Hops
[Hospital, Ninja Tune, Get Physical, KEXP]

1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA

$20 At the Door. Entry into this also gets you admission to Depth ft. Tyler Morrison, Succubass & Yamanaka upstairs in Timbre Room.

Moritz, also known as Maurizio, is one of the most influential producers of techno music in the 1990s. In the 1980s he was percussionist for Palais Schaumburg, but would segue into electronic music by the late 80’s and early 90’s. First, as 3MB (with Thomas Fehlmann), he co-founded Basic Channel Records (with Mark Ernestus), whose various releases came to epitomize minimal techno. Living in Berlin, he was also part of a music scene that pivoted around the Tresor club and record label, as well as Hardwax, a record store. Von Oswald’s epic M series of records are characterized by a 4x4 beat with dub-inflected syncopated synth pads, slowly modulated over time. Like the Basic Channel records, each 12” had tracks that took up the entire side of each record. His work was highly influential for that of Richie Hawtin, Thomas Brinkmann, Robert Henke (aka Monolake), Wolfgang Voigt, and later through artists whose records were released on the equally influential Chain Reaction Records. His current work as Rhythm & Sound fuses his interests in dub reggae and techno even further, where Jamaican vocalists sing or speak over stripped down techno beats and bass.

Kid Hops champions reggae and electronic music on his weekly KEXP radio shows and at countless club appearances worldwide. He’s known for his kinetic deejay sets and engaging radio programs, and has had releases on Hospital Records, Ninja Tune, Commercial Suicide, CIA, Get Physical and others. Hear Kid Hops weekly on KEXP 90.3fm Seattle, as he presents reggae on Positive Vibes, Saturday mornings 9am to 12 noon and electronic dance music on Expansions, Sunday nights 9pm until 12 midnight.

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