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Welcome to BabexHouse///Launch Party///


We are gathered here to inform you of a new event brought to you by the lovely artists of BabexHouse Collective.

The collective includes wonderful artists around the Seattle area who dj and make art.

This will be our first launch of our events which will be occurring once a month on sunday at Timbre Room.
Our goal is to create a space for poc/lgbtq artists to connect and build a community where good people meet each other and create connections that are meaningful and close.

*If you cannot meet those requirements(no racism,homophobia, transphobia,sexism,etc.)you will not be tolerated and this won't be the space for you.*

DJs in the collective included are:

Reverend Dollars

dos leches


Dj Applejuice



We will be setting up a booth for a few artists who would like to sell and display their work during the event.

Artists of the month:

$5 dollar cover