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NorthLeft 006: Dark, Deep and Heavy

NorthLeft was founded on the concept of promoting and preserving the ideals of what makes Seattle music significant and unique. Unlike most other major epicenters of music, we here in Seattle embrace the alternative, the heavy and the dark. We have consistently showcased the diversity of NW electronic music. With NorthLeft 006, we return to our original mission with a lineup that will bring you something dark, deep and heavy. 

Zacharia (360BPM): The driving force behind the infamous 360BPM crew, for almost two decades, the name Zacharia has been synonymous with Seattle DnB and techno. Zacharia’s sets are fast, hard and unforgiving. He is sure to deliver a blistering techno attack on your senses.

Tony H (Late Night Munchies, Viva Recordings, NorthLeft): There is a reason why Tony is one of the hottest young DJs in Seattle. Founding member of Late Night Munchies and a mainstay of Viva Recording, Tony has a diversity to his style and an ability to execute behind the decks that is unmatched. We are blessed to have him as a resident. Tony will be bringing out his darkside for this one.

ZOF (Desert Hearts, Hood Politics, Bottom Feeder, Brash Beats): Zoe Roubanis (AKA ZOF) Zoe will rain fire upon you and leave you asking for more. Her roots as a classically trained pianist heavily influence her production as well as her DJ sets, evidenced in her seamless and extended mixes. Residing on the darker side of 4/4, she melds the darkness of industrial techno with the soul of house music, crafting unique and evocative experiences.

Mr. Linden (SCOHM, Housequake): Originally hailing from the great white north in Alaska, Jeremy Linden (AKA Mr. Linden), will be giving you chills with what is sure to be a throbbing deep house set. Quickly becoming a frequent fixture in Seattle, we are proud to welcome this amazing DJ to his first NL show.

$15 advanced combo ticket

includes Gradients. ft. Main Course Takeover w/ Tony Quattro downstairs in Kremwerk

$20 door for combo ticket

Timbre Room
1809 Minor Ave
Seattle, WA

Friday, January 25th, 2018