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NorthLeft 007: Hard Reset

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In celebration of the first show on our now regular monthly night @ The Timbre Room every 4th Saturday, we bring you NorthLeft 007: Hard Reset. For our homecoming, we’ve created a stacked lineup that showcases the diversity of the Seattle scene with some of the most talented DJs from all corners of the Seattle electronic music scene...performers and artists who don’t cater to the mainstream and aren’t afraid make music on their terms.

***Tony H B2B Eva***
Tony H (Late Night Munchies/Viva Recordings/NorthLeft)
Unless you’ve been under a rock and not on the dance floor over the last few years, then you know the name Tony H. Originally from Panama, Tony burst on the Seattle scene seemingly from nowhere. Easily one of the hardest working DJs in Seattle, Tony’s popularity as a DJ has risen exponentially due to his unmatched skill and ability to operate over a wide spectrum of styles and genres. His unmistakable sound and stage presence is quickly making Tony H an iconic fixture on the Seattle scene.

Eva (Seattle DJ Academy)
Renowned for her raw talent and magnetic style, Eva is a world-class DJ who has played alongside some of the greatest international electronic musicians of the last two decades and has gained an international reputation in her own right. Eclectic but always with her signature edginess she brings to every mix, she is a part an elite group of Northwest DJs/producers who can truly consider themselves a legend. Eva has crushed dance floors, and performed in world renowned clubs such as Fabric in London, and been featured in publications MixMag, DJ Mag, and the holy grail BBC Radio 1.

Miss Min.D (Fraktured/Soft Option DLC)
Miss Min.D easily has one of the most diverse and unique palates among Seattle DJs with track selections that include Booty House, Disco swing house, a wide variety of Breaks and Liquid Drum N Bass. Her style and presence behind the decks is a force to be reckoned with and made her one the most beloved performers in Seattle. Over more than a decade, Miss Min.D has become a prolific local DJ, performing in almost every major venue in the city, with a well deserved reputation for track selection and an unmistakable energy.

Cory Simpson (DEPTH)
If you haven’t been paying attention, there is a techno uprising in Seattle. At the forefront of this revolution is our brothers and sisters from DEPTH and the man behind it all is Cory Simpson. A champion of minimal, hard and deep techno in our city, Cory brought DEPTH from meager beginnings to being a significant player in the local electronic music scene. His dedication and focus on the dark, deeper side of electronic music is gaining him a reputation for his unique brand of techno locally, nationally and internationally.

Shamrock (NorthLeft/Pi UnLtd)
Coming out of hibernation, Shamrock returns behind the decks. Co-founder of NorthLeft and originally from south Seattle, he learned the ins and outs of the DJ process by spinning hip hop gaining the cut and paste aesthetic common to the DJs and producers of the golden age of hip influence that can be heard in his music today. As he gradually transitioned to house and techno, Shamrock’s methodical sets reflect his fierce commitment to the darker side of 4/4 based electronic music.

Saturday, February, 2019

$8 Cover, Kremwerk combo ticket TBA