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Fraktured - 5Toes Birthday feat JOSH B!


Fraktured - Home of the Broken Beat - every Sunday at Kremwerk and bi-monthly at Monkey Loft!

Come celebrate 5Toes Birthday celebration with our out of town guest JOSH B!!

** JOSH B ** - North carolina
Base Industry/Gigabeat /Wasted/
Debbie D Records

Entering the music scene in 2001 as a Dj, Josh B started playing house parties weekend after weekend slowly moving his way up to the club scene. in 2005 finally making his way into the club scene Josh B started exploring the limits of sound throughout his hometown's night life playing at clubs throughout North Carolina. in 2009 Josh B moved into production quickly turning heads and catching the attention of multiple music labels. To Date Josh B has released with California Based Record Label " Booty TraX" - Florida Based Record Label "Total Damage Records" - and Florida Based Record Label "Debbie D Records". With Multiple tracks charting well in the top 100 charts Josh B has had the opportunity to perform all over the world From Korea to Florida. Playing along side the likes of Supernaut, Wes Smith, Marten HØrger, Left Right, Rogue Planet, Bebe, G$Montanna, Dj Mac and many more. Josh B brings open forum energy to the dance floor ensuring that each night is set in sweat with long lasting memories of Bass, Power, and Energy.

** 5TOES **

** Omarvelous **

** Mode 4 **


$1 BEERS - $4 Shots
10pm- 2am @ Kremwerk

VJ Eyesauce - Bringing the eye candy in full effect!
Born on the playa, proven on the stage.
VJ EyeSauce serves up tasty visuals!





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