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Tremulant Pres. Samaha

Tremulant Presents

(Heimlich Musik | Art Vibes | LUMP)

(subMerge, Mirror&Web)

SAMAHA is a Seattle based house and techno DJ as well as musician.

His goal is to tell a story with his dj mixes, to paint a picture with sounds, and to guide you through a journey with lush melodies, cool breezy ambiances, and hard hitting earthy drums.

He draws inspiration from traveling the world, sampling sounds everywhere he goes, and turning them into songs that tell a story.

His start into the world of music and djing began in the trance scene, opening for major artists such as Bryan Kearney, John 00 Fleming, the cast of Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, as well as many more. Fast forward a few years and his sound has shifted to the more ethnic and worldly beats of house and techno. He climbed the social ladders in the club world of Seattle, becoming a resident Dj at notable clubs around the city. His goal is to travel the world and play music for all, sharing his vibe.

With a few EPs scheduled for release as well as many more tunes to come, Stay tuned for more SAMAHA sounds in the future.
Every Month...
Step aboard our vessel and prepare to launch… but don't worry, each trip features new mix of audio and visual captains to lead the way. Passengers must come prepared for the inter-dimensional depths of house and techno. Leave your earthling troubles behind, and let us transcend to a better place in space, because... Tremulant Can Help.

Earlier Event: March 22
MUGZ (ft. Cannoli)