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BabeXHouse is a collective of poc/lgbtq artists based out of Seattle working to create community events that are {PRO-BLACK}, {PRO-BROWN}, {PRO-QUEER}, {PRO-TRANS}, and {{PRO-QTPOC}}. The collective includes DJs and artists who are dedicated to making spaces centering poc/lgbt artists to connect and build a community where good people meet each other and create connections that are meaningful and close. Amidst white supremacy and cisheteronormativity, it can be difficult to find spaces that are safe(r) for QTPOCs and their comrades to DANCE, PARTY and LIVE. BabeXHouse works to provide such atmosphere. Attending our events is one way you can SUPPORT, PAY and SUSTAIN poc/lgbtq artists and their work in the Seattle area. The collective was founded by Sarah Raymore (DJ APPLEJUICE) in 2018.

*If you cannot meet those requirements(no racism,homophobia, transphobia,sexism,etc.)you will not be tolerated and this won't be the space for you.*

DJs in the collective included are:

Reverend Dollars

dos leches


Dj Applejuice



Dj Applejuice

We will be setting up a booth for our artists of the month to sell and display their work during the event.

Artist of the month:

$7 dollar cover!


Timbre Room does not tolerate bigotry, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, ableism, or any discriminatory actions. Security is strictly enforcing these rules, and those who do not abide by these rules will be told to leave.

Timbre Room is ADA accessible with a ramp to the front door/bar area, and access to the back door/dance area through the patio area, and 2 accessible gender-neutral restrooms available. If you have any questions about the safety or accessibility of this venue, please email

Earlier Event: April 21
Fraktured - Hip Hop Edition!
Later Event: April 25
Studio 4/4 presents Habitat: Flora