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Depth ft. Rrose w/ Raica & Gag Reflex

DEPTH Seattle invites you to an evening with...

Rrose [Eaux | London]

Raica [Further Records]

Gag Reflex [Bloom]

Tickets available for Depth ft. Rrose, as well as a combo ticket which gets you into Research [Spring Formal] ft. DJ Bus Replacement Service (upstairs)in Timbre Room.


Born 1969. Died 1909. After the release of three EPs and an album on the Sandwell District label in 2011 and the launch of her own Eaux imprint in 2012, productions out on Further Records, Stroboscopic Artifacts, Infrastructure New York and Khemia Records including collaborations with Bob Ostertag, Lucy, and others, Rrose has found a unique niche in the worldwide techno underground while remaining equally situated in the experimental and avant-garde artistic communities. His tracks incorporate ideas from early drone and minimalist music as prominently as they do the history of dance music. Whether as a DJ, live performer, or producer, Rrose crafts sonic ecosystems with patience and attention to detail, allowing the music to unfold gradually while tapping into deep, uncharted recesses of both the mind and body.