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Depth: Mark Ernestus [Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound]

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DEPTH Seattle invites you to an evening with dance music legend...

· Mark Ernestus [Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound] ·
Mark Ernestus is the founder of the legendary Hard Wax record store, which in 1989 laid the foundation for Berlin's electronic club music scene. He played a key role in establishing the Berlin-Detroit nexus, and started creating music as one half of Basic Channel (aka Maurizio), with its deep, immeasurably influential hybrid of dub and techno.

As Rhythm & Sound, the duo refined this signature sound alongside a range of vocalists, most extensively Tikiman (aka Paul St. Hilaire), plus reggae legends like Cornel Campbell, Jennifer Lara, Willi Williams and Sugar Minott.

In the mid-nineties, BC set up Dubplates & Mastering, a mastering and vinyl cutting studio, launched the Chain Reaction label for third party productions, and later a series of dub and reggae reissues drawn from the fabled Bronx-based Wackies label.

PLEASE NOTE: Ernestus’ sets feature dub and reggae, mostly instrumental, from deep roots to militant steppers, roughneck electronics to digi minimalism, heavyweight doom to hardcore uptempo. On occasion, he plays West African dance music.

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Tickets available for Depth, as well as a combo ticket which gets you into Tremulant Pres. Iorie (Serafin Audio/ Muzo, Berlin) in Timbre Room.