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NorthLeft 011: Come As You Are


***NorthLeft 011: Come As You Are | The Timbre Room | 6/22/2019, 10PM-2AM***

The mighty, mighty mite that is NorthLeft returns! So many things to be excited about for this 11th installment of NorthLeft. Starting with this show, we are charging a $5 cover for the first hour (10PM-11PM) and $9 thereafter (11PM-2AM) get here early! Our lineup is a collective of performers that epitomizes what a NL show is all about: From the darkest and heaviest of techno to the hybrid styles that occupy the space where house and techno converge to the very purest of house music.

If you know anything about NorthLeft then you know we were created on the premise of embracing and preserving the spirit and culture of Seattle and its music. One characteristic about this beautiful city of ours is that we accept and welcome everyone. For our June show and in the quintessential Seattle spirit of embracing people from all walks of life, NorthLeft 011: Come As You Are is a recognition and show of support for Seattle Pride. We believe, especially in these divisive times, it’s important to take a stand and we stand with the people no matter their race, culture, religion, gender or sexual are, as you always have been, welcome at NorthLeft so come as you are.

Derrick Deep (Deep Light Recordings | Uniting Souls)
Derrick is unquestionably one of the most talented musical minds in Seattle and we are blessed to have him as such a good friend of the show. There’s not a lot of deep techno in Seattle which is a shame. It truly is one of the most captivating styles of electronic music as it is a more melodic and smoother variation of techno while maintaining techno’s general sound and structure. Derrick’s unwavering dedication to his beloved deep techno has made him Seattle’s champion of the subgenre. He is not only a brilliant DJ with the ability to mix music over a wide span of equipment and mediums, he is also a gifted producer and has an uncanny innate understanding of the dynamics of sound and its engineering. An essential member of Uniting Souls, he recently began his own label, Deep Light Recordings. He can also be heard on C89.5FM every 3rd saturday. We’re very excited to have our good friend back for his fourth NL show.

Tony H (Late Night Munchies | Tilted Records)
Anthony Henderson (AKA Tony H) has become one of the most prominent and well known DJs within the Seattle scene. This technician of technicians’ ability to create a moving mix with whatever piece of equipment is front of him is unparalleled. Tony began performing for us from the very start and despite the fact that first show had all of 12 attendees, he embraced the NL concept immediately and his dedication to the show has been unflinching since. Founding member of Late Night Munchies, a mainstay of Viva Recordings and recently added as a resident of Soft Option, Tony is probably best known for his intensely intricate and funky house sets as well as his engaging onstage persona. While best known for house, his repertoire is a diverse one, as made evident with the recent creation of his techno label, Munchies After Dark. Back for his tenth NL show, we can’t tell you exactly what to expect, just expect a whole lot of intensity.

**ZOF B2B Shamrock**
This duo of two math nerds with a passion for all things dark and four-four, unconstrained by convention and genres, should be something to see.

ZOF (Desert Hearts | Hood Politics | Bottom Feeder | Brash Beats)
Unassuming, thoughtful and intelligent on the outside, Zoe Roubanis (AKA ZOF) is a monster behind decks. A classically trained pianist, she has one of those rare abilities to look across a wide spectrum of tracks, transcending and unconstrained by genres, when she creates sets. Residing on the darker side of 4/4, she melds the darkness of techno with the soul of house music, creating her own unique variation of the hybrid/gateway sound that is quickly gaining prominence in the electronic music community. Zoe’s popularity within the Seattle scene has been steadily rising over the last year and if you’re going to a show expecting something dark and heavy, it’s a good bet that you’ll see her in the lineup. Back for her third NL show, expect some heat off of those CDJs.

Shamrock (NorthLeft | PiUnltd)
Founder of NorthLeft and co-founder of the infamous early 2000’s rave outfit Pi Productions, Shamrock is a firebrand of a hybrid four-four style of electronic music which is a darker, heavier variation of mainstream tech house and follows in the lineage of the original blueprint for tech house as laid out by DJs such as Digweed, Quivver, Dave Seaman and Jimmy Van M in the early 2000’s. Shamrock’s sets blend progressive house with deep, minimal and hard techno resulting in a room shaking sound. In tandem with the increasing prominence of NorthLeft as well as the growing number of DJs embracing their own variations of this hybrid/gateway style, Shamrock too has been gaining notoriety. His patchwork, rough, almost DIY approach may not be as smooth as most but it is engaging and full of surprises.

**Raymond Yamanaka B2B Shane Neel**
We’re proud to bring together, both for the first time at NL, a Seattle techno veteran and mainstay back to back with an up and coming DJ representing the future of Seattle techno.

Raymond Yamanaka (DEPTH | Minds at Large)
You could not find two more like minded crews than DEPTH and NorthLeft...both upstarts, both uncompromising in their visions and both dedicated to providing an alternative to the mainstream. Accordingly, we’ve become brothers and sisters in arms and more often than not, you’ll see a DEPTH DJ in our lineup. This month is particularly exciting as we welcome for the first time, co-founder of DEPTH Raymond Yamanaka to the fold. A prominent figure in the techno scene and the Seattle scene in general, Raymond’s style is heavy, hard hitting and incorporates a wide array of sounds, influences and structures. Unrelenting, sometimes piercing beats are his hallmark and leaves no doubt why he is one of the most well known and regarded DJs in Seattle.

Shane Neel (Safe Escape Events | Seattle Trance Alliance)
Shane Neel (AKA Excalibur) started out his DJ career focusing on trance. Since then, he has made the huge transition to darkest depths of techno but maintaining a trance sensibility for melody. He is a important contributor to Safe Escapes Events which include shows like Bunker 122 as well as a frequent performer at Macabre at the Mercury. He is an up and comer and someone to be watched.

The Timbre Room
1809 Minor Ave
Seattle, WA

Saturday, June 22, 2019
10PM-11PM: $5 Cover at the door
11PM-2AM: $9 Cover at the door

Earlier Event: June 22
NOIR: POC Variety Show
Later Event: June 22
Vertex – Inaugural