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Live Bait: All-Live Drag Show

Live Bait FB header.png

If you thought you were hooked on drag, well, my cod, you're about to get schooled! Heavy Scene Macaque presents LIVE BAIT, an all-live, no-lipsync show at Kremwerk! Normally Heavy would assign some kind of punishment to these performers, but it's probably punishment enough to have to do an act live while corseted, so let's just give them the benefit of the doubt.

Whether you're looking for a cold drink, or something a little worm, this is offishally the reelest show in Seattle! Okay, those aquatic puns are making me a little seasick, but be sure to check out the dazzling array of live talents, all done in uncomfortable clothes and wigs by fabulous and talented drag performers. Expect dancing, singing, comedy, and, maybe even art. I have no way to judge what art is, but I'm being told it may exist. Or it may not. Actually, why don't you come and tell me if any of this is art. I'm really hoping it won't be.


Special guests:

$8/advance, $12/at the door

Doors @ 7pm / Show @ 8pm

1809 Minor Ave.
Seattle, WA
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