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Fraktured - Skandar - San Diego, Rhines, Jameson Just & More


Fraktured - Home of the Broken Beat - every Sunday at Kremwerk and bi-monthly at Monkey Loft!

As we close down from the holiday weekend festivities we welcome Skandar Rassas from San Diego to rock Fraktured!
Local talent through the roof with Rhines Innerflight back in! Amie Jane S. Dabu going b2b with Binah Cereus! Jameson Just rounded out the night with deep dark booty tech breaks!

** Skandar ** - San Diego
Metamorphosis/Broken Beat

Obsessed with music as a child, Skandar garnered early musical influences from his world travels, spending time in Africa, South America, and Europe. Developing an eclectic palate he eventually returned to the U.S. and found his musical imagination stifled. With an insatiable hunger for new and different sounds, he began sneaking out on week nights in high school to frequent clubs all over Washington, D.C. Finally in 2003 Skandar was able to realize his true calling – not simply as a music listener, but as a purveyor of sound.

After only a year on the decks Skandar began spinning at some of the premier clubs in Washington, D.C. and secured a residency at Club Glow, DC's biggest, most successful, and longest running dance music event to this day. Since then he has played in many of America's big cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Denver, and San Diego (where he is currently based) as well as international appearances in China, Mexico, Jordan, and Ghana. He has shared stages with Mixmaster Mike, The Crystal Method, Stanton Warriors, Elite Force, Plump DJ's, and DJ Icey, to name a few.

Constantly expanding his horizons, Skandar's electronic music palate proves appropriate for venues large and small, indoors or outdoors. Feeling most at home with a packed floor and a big sound system, he spins for the love of the music and an addiction to moving peoples' bodies.

** Rhines ** - Innerflight

** Jameson Just **

** Snapdragon b2b Binah **

$1 BEERS - $4 Shots
10pm- 2am @ Kremwerk

VJ Eyesauce - Bringing the eye candy in full effect!
Born on the playa, proven on the stage.
VJ EyeSauce serves up tasty visuals!
VJ Eyesauce





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Bloom ft. T.Wan