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Synprov Corp pres: Mark Hosler, Jon Leidecker, The Weatherman!


SYNPROV CORP. and Clandestine Audio present a very special evening with some legendary sonic outlaws

Mark "Mark" Hosler (Negativland)
Jon "Wobbly" Leidecker (Negativland)
David "The Weatherman" Wills (Negativland)

A one-time-only performance from an electronic noise making trio that features exactly twice as many founding members of the group
Negativland than their current touring lineup. Simultaneously a
low-key public rehearsal for this Fall's European tour, and an
unknowably unique special event due to the threatened participation of Seattle's own friendly neighborhood Weatherman.

Also featuring your SYNPROV CORP dj squad:

Don Kenoyer

Optical oscillations by:
Killing Frenzy Visuals