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Research One Year Anniversary

A two room party to celebrate one year of doing Research!

RAICA [Further Records]
SIMIC [secondnature]

AARON J [Sure Thing / NW Debut]
NICK CARROLL (B-Day Set!) [secondnature, Kremwerk]

J-JUSTICE [City Soul, KBCS 91.3FM]

YUNG FUTON [Customs]

US41 [Free-Axis]


Research // Adventurous Dance Music at Kremwerk
Previous guests include Mike Huckaby (DET), Bambounou* (PARIS), DJ Stingray (DET), Joey Anderson (NJ), Hodge* (UK), Gunnar Haslam* (NY), Olin* (CHI), Person of Interest* (NY), J. Albert* (NY), Jayda G*(BC), D. Tiffany* (BC), Bobby Draino*(BC), Friendly Chemist* (BC), LNS* (BC), 1800HaightStreet* (BC), Raica, Fugal, R-Pal, 214, Aos, Simic, Jacob London, Biome, PLL, DJ Zai and Hiberner.
* = Seattle Debut

Thank you for supporting underground dance music in Seattle. Please invite your friends to this event if you're down with the cause!


1809 Minor Ave. Seattle, WA