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WERKshop Wednesdays: Kremwerk Open Stage Night!

- 🔹▶️ YOU BETTA WERK(SHOP)! ◀️🔹 -

Everyone knows showbiz is hard work: from the performance idea, to selecting the song, to perfecting the moves, there's a LOT that goes into that 5 minutes of perfection and glory!

Do you have an act idea you want to test out or refine? BRING IT.

Do you have an act you haven't booked in a while but you kind of miss doing it? BRING IT.

Do you just need a little stage time, for experience or practice? BRING IT.

Do you just need an inexpensive chill night out, surrounded by queers and art? BRING YOURSELF.

Experience a true grab bag of a show - where you can see acts coming to life for the first, sixth, or hundredth time in a low-pressure, open-stage format that welcomes newbies and pros alike.

Doors at 8 - show at 8:30!


- 🔹▶️ $3 COVER - $4 DRINKS - BRING $$ FOR TIPS! ◀️🔹 -

Tickets available at the door!



It's easy! Just email to reserve a slot. First come, first served: we have 10 slots available each month!


- 🔹▶️ HOW TO SIGN UP ◀️🔹 -

In the email, please include:

- the name you would like to be called onstage, and your pronouns
- a brief description of what you're doing (lip sync, stripping, etc)
- any setup or cleanup required for your number
- if applicable, attach an MP3 of the song you are using, if any (NO other file formats please! NO links please!)
- if you are singing live, please indicate that you need a mic

Please keep acts to 5 minutes or less.

You will get to keep any tips you receive during the number!