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WORK! Kremfest Showcase ft. DJ Minx, Kendoll, Riz, & More

DJ Minx [Women on Wax // Detroit]



/Lyons & Lucero/

Part of Kremfest: Sept 21st - 24th
Kremwerk + Timbre Room Seattle


WORK! is a place for dancing to cutting edge underground dance music. We create a safe environment to worship all things house music related. From the future, but yet unknown names that are feeding the current superstars to the creators of the roots of house music, we provide the vibe and obey the dance floors desires. Future and past artists include Grensta, J Worra, 219 Boys, Derrick Carter, Worthy, Garth, Gene Farris, Maximono, Eyes Everywhere, Amine Edge & Dance, Raiz, Demarkus Lewis, Clemlee, Pezzner, Fritz Carlton, Kendoll, Jeno, and DJ Minx. There is no stopping the dance, we got to go to WORK! on that dance floor and serve the children of the night.

DJ Minx was inspired to spin by the famed Music Institute in Detroit. Currently on the Connect Bookings roster, Detroit’s “First Lady of Wax” is going strong after nearly three decades of DJing. DJ Minx was inspired to spin by the famed Music Institute in Detroit. Her style is described as funky, powerful house, with a splash of grace. For two years, Minx engineered and hosted “Deep Space Radio,” an electronic music show on Detroit’s WGPR radio station, on which she conducted interviews and played mixes by DJs and Producers from around the world. The show was heralded by the innovators of techno music (“Magic” Juan Atkins, Kevin “Reese” Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes, and Derrick May). Minx also voluntarily did a weekly radio program at the University of Canada on CJAM 91.5 FM called “Steamy Windows,” which featured house music by local and international artists.

i've been a dj since i was um about ten. a record player, a spindle, metal for the big records, and this circular pyramid for records with the big holes. i am from chicago, but not the chicago, you're thinking of. i live in seattle, but not the setalle you're thinking of. i like rock, hip hop, soul, gospel, funk, but not the rock, hip hop, soul, gospel, funk you're thinking of. my moms played jazz, but not the kind of jazz you're thinking of. i only remember my dad liking, miles and sinatra. but then he left.i was in a gospel group in bible college, but not the kind of bible college you're thinking of. i bought records, because nobody seemed to know least not the people i lived with.i' have played music on turntable, transistor radio, teevee, 8 tracks, cassettes, reels, cd's, usb's,. i've hummed whistled, sang hooted, hooered music, but maybe not the music you're thinking of, in bedrooms ( lots of bedrooms , more bedrooms than i can remember). basements, alleys, libraries, church basements ( but prolly not the kind of churches, you're thinking of ),barns, in the woods, in the desert, on the ocean , in cities, villages, and lots and lots of clubs. for as few as 2 and as many as
thousands. all my life
but when my best friend john suggested that i be a dj at a radio station for a living, i told him, 'i couldn't possibly, because i didn't have the skills to do something as joyful as that.and then, maybe 2 years later ,i joined a radio station that was almost.thirty years ago.i been there since

I love to eat and to kiss. Music is not my first second, or even 3rd biggest love. When I’m down I pray. When I’m up I pray too.

Words to live by:
A shy ho is a broke ho.
Life is sweet and then you die.
The greatest of these is love!
Thanks for listening and saying so, 



Kendoll's music pushes the boundaries of bassline house with a mixture of heavy UK groove. She started her career off in Seattle, Washington at the age of 17 and took the whole city by storm. Within a couple of years, Kendoll started smashing dance floors around Portland, Santa Barbara, and all of Seattle. Releasing tracks on Four 40 records, Build It records, Audiophile XXL, OKNF, and 3000 bass, Kendoll has had a steady release schedule putting out tunes all around the spectrum of house music. This girl recently made her debut in LA playing at Space Yacht for her first time, and it won't be her last.